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by prudencewealth

What is forex?

There are various definitions for forex, but our own simple technical definition can be defined ‘’as an act of buying and selling of foreign currencies online’’.

There are more than hundred currencies and commodities to buy or sell in forex but you need to know the four major currencies across the Globe; they are, 1. United States Dollar, (USD) 2. British pound, (GBP) 3. Euro (EUR) and 4. Japanese Yen (JPY).

Note that currencies are always traded in pairs, and below are few examples of currencies pair:

For Euro-Dollar pair is EUR/USD
For Pound Sterling-Dollar pair is GBP/USD
For US Dollar-Canadian Dollar is USD/CAD
For Australian dollar-US dollar is AUD/USD

For US Dollar-Swiss Franc would be USD/CHF



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Time of releasing signals ?

You are expected to refresh the page as the time of the signals may vary from time to time and day to days.

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There are numerous Youths across the globe that are applicants and jobless. We are inviting you to forex and make real money to live a better life.



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We are dedicated to helping forex traders all over the world.